SimplyE - How it works

Patron Use

  • Patron downloads free SimplyE app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Patron inserts their barcode number and PIN
  • Patron searches or browses for a title using the metadata and cover art hosted on the Amigos servers
  • When a title is found, a patron clicks on the "Get" or "Listen" button
  • Using the library’s ILS, the patron is then authenticated with the e-resource vendor
  • If authenticated, SimplyE requests the title from the vendor
  • The ebook is downloaded to the patron’s device using the SimplyE app
  • Patron opens and reads or listens to the title
  • Patrons can put titles on hold and return titles early


  • A library collects information about authentication and contacts their ebook and audiobook providers for specific information about their collections.
  • Using this information, Amigos Library Services creates a profile on the SimplyE administration site. Metadata and cover art from the providers are then downloaded to Amigos servers.
  • The library and Amigos test authentication within the SimplyE environment.
  • The library’s name is added to the app for testing purposes.
  • When ready, the library's name is added to the public SimplyE app and the library publicizes the SimplyE service to their patrons.
  • Ebook and audiobook titles continue to be updated as in the vendor's collections.

Amigos Library Services configures, implements, and supports libraries that would like to use SimplyE.